Louis Tomlinson Rocks Out To A Rowdy Crowd In The Scenic ‘Kill My Mind’ Video

Louis Tomlinson has diverted from his boyband image after departing from One Direction with his rock-inspired solo work. Tomlinson recently released the first single of his new era, “Kill My Mind,” and has now followed up the track with a video.

A bird’s-eye shot of a long, rural road kicks off the clip. A motorcycle speeds along the scenic road as Tomlinson’s voice comes in the song, then the video cuts to Tomlinson on stage in front of a large crowd. Tomlinson continues to rile up the crowd with the song’s heavy-hitting chorus. The remainder of the video cuts between the motorcyclist and Tomlinson on stage. Eventually, the identity of the mysterious motorcyclist is revealed when he appears in the crowd to swoon a woman in front. The two leave the concert together, traveling down the same scenic backroad. The song ends and the video then includes a 30-second sneak peek of Tomlinson’s next music video, which follows the same couple.

The music video was directed by Charlie Lightening, who has worked with big-named rockstars like Paul McCartney and Liam Gallagher. Tomlinson’s video borrows from the iconography of many classic rock songs, such as an open road, leather jackets, and a mysterious protagonist with a detached attitude.

Watch Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind” music video above.