Louis Tomlinson’s Extended ‘We Made It’ Video Follows A Couple’s Tumultuous Relationship

Louis Tomlinson became the last ex-One Direction member to release a solo record January. His album Walls marks his journey as a songwriter, incorporating influences of ’90s Britpop with contemporary pop. The record is conceptualized by the singer through the story of a young couple and protagonists introduced in Tomlinson’s early video. The singer’s “We Made It” extended director’s cut video furthers the couple’s tumultuous story.

Directed by Charlie Lightening, who lend a hand on each one of Tomlinson’s previous videos, the “We Made It” video elaborates on the narrative established in Tomlinson’s other Walls videos. The extended cut spans Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind” and “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” videos.

While Tomlinson does appear in the video, his role is that of a narrator. The couple shared moments of honeymoon-phase bliss before the man, Joe, gets caught up in a robbery scheme. Their relationship falls apart as Joe continues to refuse his lover’s advice and associate with the wrong people. The robbery, unsurprisingly, doesn’t go according to plan and Joe makes a decision that leads to him getting hurt. But the conclusion of the video includes a surprising twist.

Watch the extended “We Made It” video above.

Walls is out now via Simco/Sony. Get it here.