It’s Not Just You: Margot Robbie Cried The First Time She Heard Billie Eilish’s ‘Barbie’ Movie Song

Billie Eilish unveiled “What Was I Made For?,” her new song for the Barbie movie, today (July 13), and it’s an emotional gut punch. It certainly had an impact on Barbie star Margot Robbie, who says she cried the first time she heard it.

In a recent interview, she explained, “You know, the Billie Eilish song at the end of the movie made me cry the very first time I heard it. I still cry.” She then spoke about the recording of the film’s orchestral score before continuing, “There’s been a lot of emotional moments on this movie, unexpectedly emotional moments. But the music music and what Mark Ronson’s done: absolutely incredi… and Dua, of course. Dua Lipa is our Mermaid Barbie and is just the coolest and I’ve loved her for so many years as well. Again, that was the dream, to get her in there, and she said yes, and then she did the song, and we did it for the whole dance at the block party, and it’s just… the soundtrack’s killer, absolutely killer on this. There’s so many artists, I can’t even begin to go through everyone, but it’s killer.”

Robbie shared similar excitement about the Eilish song at the movie’s recent premiere: When asked what song she’s most excited for fans to hear, she responded after not much hesitation, “Uh, Billie’s, yeah. It comes at a really emotional moment.”

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