Christmas Queen Mariah Carey Embraces All Winter Holidays As She Teaches Her Kids A Hanukkah Song

The instant Halloween ended, Mariah Carey marked the start of the Christmas season by smashing some pumpkins and getting ready for the snowy days ahead. While her legacy has become indelibly connected to Christmas, she’s on board with multiple winter holidays, as she showed with a new video.

Yesterday marked the start of Hanukkah, so in a clip Carey shared last night, she sings a little ditty to her two children, which goes, “Hanukkah is coming, Hanukkah is coming, that’s a time we have the happiest days.” Carey also wrote alongside the video, “Happy Hanukkah!!!! Learned this one in grade school, thought I’d teach it to Roc & Roe, I don’t think they’ve got it yet [laughing emoji].”

Given that we’re just days away from December, Carey has some holiday festivities on her docket. She has a new special, Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues, coming up soon, and earlier this month, she shared a song from it, a collaboration with Khalid and Kirk Franklin called “Fall In Love At Christmas.” Also, she also recently introduced her own McDonald’s menu, and while that’s not specifically holiday-related, it would certainly seem that it was timed to drop around Christmas to bank on Carey’s increased visibility during the season.