Miley Cyrus Started A Fake Fire To Prank Iggy Azalea During Their TikTok Livestream

Miley Cyrus released her anticipated record Plastic Hearts on Friday. Because she couldn’t celebrate her album’s debut with a conventional release concert, the singer instead opted to host a variety show in a TikTok livestream. The show featured sketches, games, and a very convincing prank pulled on Iggy Azalea.

The prank started when Cyrus and Azalea were together in a dressing room. They were chatting about Cyrus’s new music when the room suddenly went up in smoke. A smoke alarm went off but Azalea realized the door was locked from the outside. In a moment of panic, Azalea opted to hide underneath her coat and shout “we can survive this” while Cyrus dialed 911. But just seconds later, Cyrus revealed the entire ordeal was nothing but a prank. Thankfully, no fire had actually started and neither of the musicians were in any real danger.

After a clip of the prank was posted on Twitter, Azalea made it clear she had no hard feelings about the incident. “I had called out and tried to open the door before that!” she wrote. “My plan was to get low, put covers over our head, while she called what I thought was 911.”

Watch a clip of the prank above.

Plastic Hearts is out now via RCA. Get it here.