Remember When Olivia Rodrigo Said Joe Biden Gave Her A Shoehorn? She Was Wrong About That, It Turns Out

Last night (October 24), pop hitmaker Olivia Rodrigo made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. During the interview portion of the show, Rodrigo and Kimmel talked about how she and her family have adjusted to her rapid rise to pop stardom, having to tone down some of her lyrics, and an embarrassing mix-up following an appearance at the White House.

The first time Rodrigo appeared on Kimmel, she had just visited the White House, where she met President Joe Biden. She told Kimmel that Biden had gifted her a shoehorn. However, two years later, she revealed that the gift wasn’t actually what she thought it was.

“I thought that he gave me a shoehorn,” Rodrigo said. “He gave me a bag of like, President Biden goodies. Like M&Ms and stuff, and I was like ‘What is this weird thing?’ And I went on the air, and I was like ‘President Biden gave me a shoehorn, ha ha ha.’ And I went home and found out was an ice cream scoop. And I had lied to you.”

Kimmel assured Rodrigo that she didn’t actually lie, and then pulled out a picture of the ice cream scoop.

“It’s very obvious I don’t know what a shoehorn looks like,” Rodrigo said. “Does that look like a shoehorn at all?”

“It doesn’t even look like an ice cream scoop,” Kimmel said.

You can see the clip above and decide for yourself.