Redcar, AKA Christine And The Queens, Has ‘Been A Man For A Year Now’

The artist best known as Christine And The Queens has been in the midst of change lately. Chris, as he is also known, announced Redcar Les Adorables Étoiles, his first album as Redcar, in July. Chris also noted he’s now using he/him pronouns (which is currently reflected on his social media pages) and has expanded more on that in a recent TikTok video.

In the clip, Chris speaks in his native French and as Billboard notes, he notes he has identified as a man for some time now. He says, “I’ve been a man for a year now — a little more officially in my family and in my relationship. It is a long process.”

In a New York Times interview from earlier this year, Chris also noted, “My journey with gender has always been tumultuous. It’s raging right now, as I’m just exploring what is beyond this. A way to express it could be switching between ‘they’ and ‘she.’ I kind of want to tear down that system that made us label genders in such a strict way. I remember talking about being pansexual in France in 2014 — it was a conversation that few opened up, and I was advised in, like, offices to maybe tone it down. I’m really trying to address it the right way now, and I’ve been sometimes pressured to give an answer. But I think the answer is to be flickery, fluid, escaping.”