Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’ Hit No. 48 On The ‘Billboard’ Chart And Got A Dreary Video

Though she’s since tried to walk back the specifics of who “Skin” is about, Sabrina Carpenter’s bet that responding to Olivia Rodrigo’s record-breaking debut “Drivers License” would get her some attention has paid off in a big way. The singer dropped what fans considered a response to the song a couple weeks after “Drivers License” came out, and as of today the track became her first entry on the Billboard chart, hitting No. 48. I mean, it’s not a No. 1 single, but it definitely moved the needle. As far as the video, well, it’s a dreary, heavy-handed affair — to the point that there’s a scene where Sabrina sits on top of a car in the rain.

Carpenter has been rumored to be dating Joshua Bassett, who is rumored to be the guy Olivia was writing about in her own song. Dating rumors swirled around Rodrigo and Bassett after the characters on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series had an on-screen romance going on. Now that they’re no longer together, and Olivia is writing torch songs, the internet jumped to conclusion… and then Sabrina fed into the story. Which isn’t to say Joshua didn’t do his part, too, quickly releasing a pair of songs called “Lie Lie Lie” and another poignant breakup song about karma and regret called “Only A Matter Of Time.”

Check out the video for “Skin” above.