Taylor Swift Responded To A Wholesome Letter From A 7-Year-Old Fan Given To Her At A Concert

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has been a treat for everyone. There’s an array of breathtaking outfits, an insane 44-track setlist, and an unexpected dive into the stage. But it was even more special for a seven-year-old fan named Bella.

Gina Lanzino, Bella’s mom, made a TikTok about how her daughter wrote a letter to the “Love Story” singer.

“Dear Taylor, I’m your biggest fan,” it read, and asked the star’s favorite color. Gina explained in the video, “She says, ‘I’m gonna bring this to the show and make sure Taylor gets this letter. I was kinda like, ‘I don’t really think that’s going to happen, but let’s try.’”


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The letter was delivered to Swift via an usher at the concert in Las Vegas.

“We were about halfway through the show when some people came to our box and they were asking for Bella. I had actually forgot about the letter by that time,” Lanzino said. “They [said], ‘We wanted to give this to you.’ It was the letter Bella gave to Taylor and [Taylor] signed it.”

“[Bella] did write her section number on the back but I really didn’t ever in a million years think that this was going to get returned to her. They filmed my daughter getting the letter back because they wanted to pass it back to Taylor.”