All The Best Love Songs On Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover,’ Ranked

Republic Records

Though it was preceded by a lot of label drama, and a couple of tricky singles, Taylor Swift’s seventh album Lover is still one of the most anticipated of the year. And boy, does it deliver on its title. After making a name for herself writing poignant and powerful breakup songs — among other things — our heroine Taylor is now deeply in love, and has been for three summers. Thus, the subject of her new record, the first one she’s ever owned outright, is her massive feelings and strugglings within a relationship, instead of in the aftermath.

One of the best parts of all the love songs on Lover is that they don’t attempt to paint love as this perfect, easy thing; they’re full of the frustrations, challenges, and bittersweet memories that accompany real-life adult relationship. And that’s part of why they’re so deliciously addicting. Because so many of the tracks on this album in particular are love songs, and because it’s one of the things Taylor does best, here is a ranking of the best new additions to her discography in this category. Please note: this only includes songs off her latest album, so “All Too Well” and “Delicate” stans can please calm down.