Tones And I Dreams Big In Her Heartwarming ‘Fly Away’ Video

After Tones And I‘s breakout “Dance Monkey” overtook global airwaves and became the most Shazam’d single of all time last year, fans have been waiting to see what the singer has in store for the future. Following a handful of playful singles this year, Tones And I shares her most personal song yet alongside a heartwarming video.

Directed by Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly, Tones And I’s “Fly Away” video sees the singer dreaming big as it offers a vignette into the lives of those who appear in the clip. Each scene focuses on the little moments that make life special, like spending time with loved ones.

Speaking about the new single, Tones & I said she was inspired by her time working as a busker. “‘Fly Away’ is about chasing your dreams, reaching your goals and the realities that comes with it,” she said. “Being a busker, I obviously had bigger dreams. However, this song is inspired by the way I thought I would feel versus the way I actually feel. I think that’s very powerful, at least to me. It’s about genuine happiness and what we think we need to have happiness versus what we actually want. The truth is we only ever want anything because we think it will make us happy, but it’s never that simple.”

Listen to Tones & I’s “Fly Away” above.

Tones & I is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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