‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Is The First Song With Only One Writer To Hit No. 1 In Five Years

Remember 2017? It was one of those glorious pre-pandemic years, where you’d never heard of wearing a mask and time still passed in a normal way. It was also a year when Ed Sheeran scored a No. 1 hit, as he’s wont to do, writing the song “Perfect” about his then-girlfriend, now wife and mother of his child, Cherry Seaborn. Now, Ed’s been married for almost three years and his daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, is going to be turning two this year. Life comes at you fast, huh? “Perfect” was such a big song that even Beyonce got involved with it, when Sheeran re-released the tune as a duet featuring her. Later, one of the best Italian opera singers in the world, Andrea Bocelli, also got involved and recorded his own version. the song was… literally perfect. And it was written by only one person — Sheeran himself.

Now, since that song went to the No. 1 spot back in 2017, no other song that was written by only one person has hit the same high-water mark since. Until today. Today, Encanto‘s inescapable hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” claimed the top of the chart. It became songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first No. 1 hit, and unseated Ed Sheeran in the process. Although, fun fact, though it might’ve only been written by one person, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” actually broke another record, too, and this one was for the most performers credited on a song on the Hot 100. That’s because, though Lin wrote it on his own, the song is performed ensembler as part of the Disney film it belongs in. Life is all about balance, you know? Check out the song above if you haven’t heard it yet.