Dua Lipa Teased The ‘Vibe’ Of Her New Album On ‘The Tonight Show’ And It’s Not Disco Like Last Time

Dua Lipa‘s third album remains a mystery. We know the first single is “Houdini” and… that’s about it. There’s no release date or even a title. But on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the “Dance The Night” singer did at least reveal the album’s genre (it ain’t disco).

“I’m going for more of, like, psychedelic-pop vibe,” Lipa told host Jimmy Fallon. “I’m still trying to find the language to talk about the album without talking about the album.”

She continued, “With this new record, I made it with my friends Kevin Parker [of Tame Impala], Tobias Jesso Jr., Danny Harle, and Caroline Ailin, and it was kind of made like a band. Well, for the most part. Most of the songs we did together. And I just wanted to have that kind of really organic element that I had while I was on tour. Because when I was touring for a whole year, I just started to fall in love with the songs and the live element, and I was like, ‘I just want to bring all of that into this new record.’ So I’m very excited.”

You can watch Lipa’s Tonight Show interview above.

Dua Lipa is a Warner Music artist. .