Going All Out With AEW: Full PPV Card And Preview


A year ago, a group of wrestlers from Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling put on a show in the Sears Center called All In. It was the culmination of storylines developed up through their web series, Being the Elite, and years of brand-building and showed that a wrestling organization unaffiliated with WWE could sell over 10,000 tickets in the United States. This Saturday, many of the wrestlers from All In will perform in the Sears Center again at All Out, the fourth live event by new promotion All Elite Wrestling and the last one, as far as we know, before their new television show starts on TNT in October. Things really have changed in the wrestling world!

All Out, which you can find out how to watch here, will include ten matches, some never seen before and some rematches, some with months of build and some with basically none. In this preview, we’ll go over who is wrestling on the show, why they’re wrestling, and what you can expect from the August 31 event.

The Buy In