12-Year Old Racer Drops The Hammer

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08.09.10 7 Comments

Gray Gaulding is a man on a mission. Well, he’ll eventually be a man on a mission once he actually becomes a man. In the meantime, he’s a teenage boy on a mission, and his goal is to break every stock car racing record on the planet. The 12-year old phenom could very well do it someday, once he’s actually old enough to race as a professional. And when he does, he’ll most certainly thank his team’s sponsor – gunbroker.com.

Gaulding’s season has been impressive to say the least, as he’s won 10 of the 30 races he’s driven in this year, cashing in more than $20,000 in earnings. When reached for comment, 12-year old Burnsy stole $5 from his mom’s purse and bought a copy of Penthouse Forum. The Gaulding clan is devoted to Gray’s development as a driver, moving to Virginia so he can race in the Legends Division and also helping him secure the supportive-yet-controversial gunbroker.com sponsorship. In fairness, it’s much better than his original sponsor, underagelapdancekittenkiller.org.

Rubbin’ is racin’, CBS News:

“There ain’t no other sponsor come along I feel comfortable with,” Dwayne Gaulding said.

Dwayne negotiates gray’s sponsorships and manages his media training. They practice interviewing on car trips.

“Some people say that I have too much camera. But there’s never too much of the camera, because you never know who’s watching,” Gray said.

Dwayne Gaulding bristles at the notion he pushes his son too hard. He calls gray “highly self-motivated.” with self-imposed daily runs – even a racing simulator in his bedroom.

Big whoop, I had a Nintendo Power Pad in my bedroom.

Gaulding took fourth in the Legends Million race a few weeks ago, which featured a top prize of $250,000. First place went to 19-year old Daniel Hemric, but he’s 19 so he doesn’t make for good news. In the meantime, Gaulding and his handgun-selling sponsor will continue to dominate the Legends Division, and we’ll probably hear his name within the next few years as a reason why NASCAR should lower the age restriction (currently 21 years) for drivers on the Sprint Cup tour.

Indeed, Gaulding can be stock car racing’s Michelle Wie, except obviously a much better driver.

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