02.26.07 11 years ago 4 Comments

The best part about writing this blog is that when two of the best teams in the English Premier League play each other, I don't have to do anything time-consuming like watch the game and provide you with thoughtful commentary. All I have to do is find the YouTube of Chelsea's John Terry getting kicked in the face by Arsenal's Abou Diaby.

The only people who are really going to get this are our brave troops and noble veterans, but all I can think about after watching that is a Marine Corps/Army running cadence called "When I get to Heaven." In the song, the soldier goes to hell and speaks to Satan. When Satan asks him what he did with his life, the soldier says, "I replied with a BOOT to his face! / Earned my livin' layin' souls to waste!"

Tell me that's not awesome.

Anyway, Terry's okay, and he'll probably play in Chelsea's next game, even though there are reports that he swallowed his tongue when this happened. Pretty sweet. 

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