12.12.07 10 years ago 30 Comments

Yesterday I posted a clip of Baron Davis dressing up like Roller Girl on some show from some channel.  I still don't know what "Framed" or IFC is, but this clip of Allen Iverson dissing O.J. Simpson should be enough to get him into the Hall of Fame.  The Football Hall of Fame.  And maybe the Keepin' It Real Hall of Fame, too.  I'm not exactly sure if there even is a Keepin' It Real Hall of Fame and Museum, but if there isn't I call dibs on chairing the selection committee.  A.I. can be in the inaugural class with Andrew Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, and nobody from the cast of Keepin' It Real.

Oh yeah, and Nelly's in the video, too.  He took the band-aid off his face.  Good for him.

Classic SportsPickle UPDATE: Allen Iverson Keeps It Real for 2,548th Straight Day

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