Alyssa Milano Has Moved On To The NFL

Senior Writer
09.28.10 6 Comments recently released this new commercial, and the theme appears to be people who are pissed that they received NFL merchandise as gifts. Like the guy in the beginning must be a New York Jets fan because he’s all like, “Damn girl, why’d you give me this Ronnie Brown jersey?” Or maybe he thinks that being overrated is contagious. Either way, featured in the commercial are Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and Alyssa Milano. And while I think it would be funnier if Albert Haynesworth was returning his jersey to Snyder, I really only want to talk about Alyssa Milano.

Apparently banging professional athletes is the fountain of youth, because for 37 years old she looks F-ing good. And while I’d never be too enthused about getting sloppy seconds from something that Brad Penny rolled around on, I certainly wouldn’t kick her off my mom’s futon. She’s currently married to her agent, so she’s not actually banging any athletes at press time, but the girl needs a break, I guess. Also, she was in Double Dragon the movie. That makes her pretty awesome. commercial after the jump.

Milano actually has her own line of NFL apparel for girls called Touch, so that’s why she’s appearing in this commercial. Her merchandise is for the girl who wants to look sexy when she’s begging San Diego’s backup long snapper for a quickie behind the Red Robin.

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