Rio’s Americas Medical City Is Prepared To Aid Olympians, Which Doesn’t Help Regular Brazilians

08.07.16 3 years ago

The 2016 Rio Olympics are underway and already there are stories of heroism, like a Syrian refugee performing well in a swimming competition, balanced out by dreams being dashed through a gymnast’s horrible leg break. There’s also the ridiculous, like a man chasing cyclists around shouting. But at least one of these scenarios saw an Olympic athlete in need of immediate treatment and the facility that he would be receiving treatment at is Americas Medical City.

Time did a profile on the medical facility, which will be serving all of the Olympic athletes exclusively, where they are preparing for everything from fractures like we saw earlier to a possible Zika virus outbreak or even a possible terrorist attack. The relatively new hospital, which opened in 2014 and was designated as the official Olympic hospital a year later, will be prepared for anything and everything while the world’s eyes are on Rio for the Olympics.

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