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A few residents of the upscale Philly suburb of Gladwyne don't like the idea of the criminal element moving into their collection of overpriced McMansions. That is, they could probably deal with it, so long as it's not one of them uppity wealthy blacks with a minor gun charge. Tough luck for Philly native Aaron McKie, the former NBA player who is having a mansion built in the neighborhood and has become the subject of ominous fliers strewn about the area. 

It read: "Attention please, read if you care about your neighborhood!!! How can we prevent Aaron McKie from moving into our safe and peaceful neighborhood. His house is almost complete on Youngsford Road. Let's prevent another Iverson from moving in!"

I'm no cryptographer, but reads like a little racial coding to me. Being a layperson on such matters, I turned to noted race expert Dr. Raindelay Atwater of the University of Imadeitup to interpret it for me.

Dr. Atwater:

"That some racist shit."

Well, there you go.

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