ATTENTION WORLD: Larissa Riquelme Still Planning To Run Through Paraguay Naked

07.09.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

You undoubtedly remember the legendary cellphone girl Larissa Riquelme who famously promised to run through the streets of Paraguay if her beloved team took home the World Cup. Unfortunately for us Paraguay lost, our hearts sank, and we all expected Riquelme to fade into obscurity like so many big breasted women before her. Until she decided that she’s going to run through the streets naked anyway! Why’s she doing it? According to her, “It will be a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy.”

All I’m saying is the people of Paraguay better have some high resolution cameras and some great sight lines because I’m pretty sure the rest of the world would like to ‘enjoy’ as well.

Though they were eliminated from the World Cup by Spain on Saturday, Paraguay may be the biggest winners of the tournament.

The South American team still has something to look forward to at home. Lingerie model Larissa Riquelme will still run through the streets of Asuncion naked.

“They tried as hard as possible and gave it their all on the field,” said the busty model. No date has been set for Riquelme’s risque run. -NY Daily News

And my present to all of you loyal With Leather readers who are trying as hard as possible to read our haphazard keystrokes during a long day of work, is a gallery of Larissa Riquelme pictures. I promise to give it my all on this google search. Someone needs to give her plastic surgeon a high five.







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