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Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will be taking the lead in considering anti-trust investigations of the BCS sometime this year, expressing outrage over the current system to Deseret News:

“As I have said before, the BCS system is anti-competitive, unfair and un-American,” Hatch said. “I am looking forward to exploring what legislative remedies might be applied to fix a system that violates our nation’s antitrust laws by placing non-BCS universities at a serious competitive disadvantage.”

I think we can all agree–whether you favor a playoff or not (I don’t)– that the current system needs reform. If you’re in an FBS conference and you finish undefeated, how do you not deserve a BCS bid? A conference championship in football doesn’t mean nearly as much as it does in basketball. That needs to be fixed. And if they can’t agree on anything else in the Senate for the next two years, they might as well work on something that will bring a little more competitive balance where it’s needed.

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