01.19.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

The Buffalo Bills are expected to hire former Cowboys head coach Chan Gailey today, their 5th head coach in ten years. This is the team that fired Dick Jauron in November, who fired his offensive coordinator in the beginning of the season. And an organization that, somehow, made the Derek Dooley hiring at Tennessee look like a blockbuster.

Bills fans will be upset about the hire, but honestly, they’re lucky to have a coach at all. An in a climate where Eric Mangini (and possibly Tom Cable) was able to keep his job, how bad can this hire be? For your 43rd choice, anyway. It would be one thing if Buffalo was spending the money to be successful, but they aren’t. They brought in Terrell Owens on a whim just to appease the season ticket holders after they retained Jauron for 2009, and were only able to do it because nobody wanted him. It’s a non-starter coach for a non-starter club. These two bags of dicks deserve each other.

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