12.12.06 12 years ago 2 Comments

To dovetail a little off of yesterday's coverage of the We Are Marshall chat, here's a nice picture of Billy Ray Cyrus that the M Zone dug up.

My God, but that mullet is chilling. What kind of animal is that? Is that a beaver pelt?

In my heart, I don't want this picture to represent the Marshall fan base. The state of West Virginia gets a bad rap, and I kinda like the Marshall QB's who have survived in the NFL, like Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington. But deep down, I know that this picture is just as representative as that photo of A-Rod in a Duke t-shirt. Think about it: Mullet… T-shirt with the sleeves cut off… lousy country singer… We are! Marshallllll!!! 

It's just too bad the mullet wasn't in that plane crash.

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