03.17.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Unless I’m doing the math wrong (not that such a thing has ever happened before) this spring would mark the 30th anniversary of the Indiana State-Michigan State NCAA title game where Larry Bird and Magic Johnson faced off for the very first time. I don’t know if the timing of their showdown was “obvious” to the M&M people, as Sports Biz sensei Darren Rovell iterates.

I get that Bird and Magic are more identifiable when incarnated as candy colored like their professional uniforms. Most people wouldn’t understand Bird colored in Sycamore Blue or Earvin in Spartan Green. But…Magic Johnson looks like Esai Morales, for Pete’s sake. Is that really the message we want to be sending to children–eat our candy and become a handsome, out-of-work actor because of Hollywood racism? Does that contradict the traditional message of “Be completely insulated to the world until you turn 18 and then find yourself woefully unprepared for life?” Hey, I’m just asking here. By the way, I have some new toys here for that toddler of yours. I don’t know why those red Chinese labels are on there. I think that just means that those toys are “extra special.”

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