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No, that hed wasn’t a horrible pun, but we’ll have plenty of those later. Actually, the Toronto Blue Jays face a beer and liquor license suspension coincidentally after fan behavior took an unruly turn in the Jays’ opener yesterday against Detriot. Fans at the Rogers Centre littered the field with baseballs, paper planes, empty beer cups, and old copies of Jagged Little Pill. Okay, I made that last one up. Either way, there will be no hooch at tonight’s game, per order of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario:

The panel cited five broken rules at baseball and football games and concerts dating to the Canadian Football League championship game in 2007. The stadium will also be dry on April 21 when Toronto plays Texas, and for a CFL game on Aug. 1.

Both affected baseball games fell on dates when the price of upper deck seats was cut to $4, a promotion called “Messin’ With Recession.” The ban covers everything from concessions, vendors and restaurants to the beer refrigerators in both locker rooms.

Signs posted Tuesday at stadium entrances listed five reasons for the license suspension: permitting drunkenness, permitting the use of narcotics, selling and serving to apparent minors, failure to request approved identification and permitting illegal liquor on the premises.

It’s hard to believe that the province of Ontario would force people to watch baseball sober. That just reeks of cruel and unusual punishment to me. Not that would expect any different from a cadre of pinko socialists. But the liquor ban taking effect right after a game like that, is that true irony? Or is that Alanis Morrisette irony, which really isn’t irony at all? And to think that Dave Coulier actually hit that…

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