01.31.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

I've never been one to understand the monochromatic get-up college hoops coaches feel like they need to occasionally whip out, ala Bruce Weber in the 2005 title game.

I suppose when you're leading West Fucking Virginia, you're forever going to be a slave to fashion. You can probably chuck a mean battery as well.

Indeed, Bob Huggins was either going the Col. Mustard or Huggy Bear route last night in his first return to Cincinnati since being ousted in 2005 as head coach.

It was none too golden as the Bearcats drubbed the Mountaineers 62-39.

Huggins was later found pantomiming for quarters outside the arena. Don't turn your back, he'll do something wacky. If you're a lady, he'll wave at you. Sorry dude, deposit the change.

-Christmas Ape 

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