Brutus Buckeye Gets Tackled. Was It 'Fake?'

09.20.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

This might be one of the best mascot videos that I’ve seen. As Brutus Buckeye leads the Ohio State football team onto the field against in-state opponent Ohio U., he gets tackled by Rufus, the mascot of the latter school. The only thing more awesome would have been Rufus driving up through the human tunnel in a Hummer as empty beer cans flew out the window.

This is not the first time that I’ve seen Rufus mix it up with the opposition. I distinctly remember a game at Eastern Michigan in the mid-1990s (I was in the witness relocation program while testifying against Michael Jackson, as I recall) where Ohio’s mascot and Eastern Michigan’s mascot tumbled down a hill near the field in a sort of wrestling match.

As for whether or not this was pre-arranged, nobody seems to know, but the awkwardness after the initial hit and the general confusion of all parties involved (including the on-field security) suggest that this was simple blood lust from the visiting furry. We need more of this in college football, especially when the games on the field don’t turn out to be as competitive.

UPDATE: The Ohio University student in the mascot costume has been banned from all future athletic events. Of course he was…but how will they know what he looks like?

via Slanch Report.

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