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MLB commissioner Bud Selig made a paltry $15.6 million in the fiscal year ending in 2006, so you’ll be relieved to know that he made even more — $18.35 million — in FY 07.

Selig’s earning power has surpassed that of other league commissioners for at least several years, and his 2007 compensation is more than most MLB players, too. Only the New York Yankees’ quartet of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi earned more than Selig in 2007…

The return will likely be the final one available to the public anyway, as the Office of the Commissioner has since gone through a change in filing status to become a for-profit limited liability corporation.

That’s probably for the best.  Like most things, I’m going to be happier if I stay ignorant about how much Selig makes.  Knowledge mostly just makes me angry or sad.

Like today, for example.  I can look outside and be all, “Hooray, snow!” … or I can think about the widespread death of honeybees that threatens to destroy the food chain, teenage prostitution in Africa spreading the AIDS pandemic, and the trillions of dollars of debt that gives China massive leverage on the U.S. economy.  Wheeee, look! I made a snow angel!!

[The Sporting Blog]

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