The Internet Has Made Some Amazing GIFs Of Cam Newton’s Dab Ruining The World

Cam Newton is largely responsible for the seemingly unkillable trend of dabbing over the last few months. Everyone from Frank Beamer, to Ellen DeGeneres and Hilary Clinton, to a literal fetus, to most recently Roger Goodell himself have done their best to rid the world of dabbing once and for all, but somehow it is still around.

Newton’s “antics” over the course of the season have led to many terrible hot takes about how Newton is “classless” and “has no respect for the game” or whatever grumpy people say to complain online about this year’s league MVP.

Because of these takes, Twitter user @trillballins had a simple request for the internet, and that was to make a video of something awful happening as a reaction to Cam Newton doing one of his signature dabs.

First, our own Pete Blackburn answered the call with this tremendous video called “the consequences of dabbing.”

Twitter user @JimmyDonofrio has also been taking it upon himself to make GIFs of Cam Newton tearing at the fabric of society over the last few weeks, and the results have been absolutely hilarious. From turning Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader, blowing up Vince McMahon’s limo, to literally destroying Earth itself, the consequences of Newton’s dance moves know no bounds.

It’s tough to pick a favorite, but I think this one might be the best.