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We’re about two weeks away from Gina Carano fighting Cyborg Santos for the undisputed championship of my weekday blogging lust. Sure Carano may come off like a plain Jane and Santos could probably kill you from 15 feet away, but for me, it’s on par with Fedor-Lesnar, just for the whole girl-on-girl element that will challenge the sensibilities of my loins in an unprecedented way. In the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine, Carano shares one of the factors that led to scheduling her August 15th bout with Santos:

I try not to schedule fights the week I’ll be on my period. Making weight is hard enough. … Plus, bruises hurt more, you’re bloated and cramping and emotionally, it’s tougher to battle through the training. Also, some states require us to wear breast padding, since we’re allowed to punch there. One time I didn’t have any, a guy told me to put a rolled-up towel in my bra. I said no. I usually just wear three sports bras during a fight.


Be proud of yourself if you’re blown away by that remark. Often I forget that Gina’s more than an angry, sweet, vindictive, lovable killing machine. She’s also a real person. A real person that will murder you in your sleep. But in a sweet and pleasant way. Damn, I can’t wait for that fight.

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