Charles Barkley And A-Rod Debate With Very Confused NFL Star Kenan Thompson In This Poignant ‘SNL’ Sketch

Charles Barkley wasn’t the only sports star to make an appearance on SNL this week. Alex Rodriguez stopped in to represent the MLB during this fake panel discussion on which sport is actually tougher between it, the NBA, and NFL. To represent football, we got Kenan Thompson portraying legendary Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker DC Timmons, and it’s pretty clear from the very start that he’s not doing too well.

It’s a sketch that would probably be pretty sad and depressing at most turns given the current outlook of those with CTE, but here it’s played up for comedic effect to highlight just how bad the NFL can be on its players. Timmons only played in nine games and he’s trying to give his fast-food orders to camera three while continually calling everybody Greg.

It’s probably a good way to highlight the issues with the NFL right now, especially the treatment of its older players. Then again, it’s also the type of sketch that could rub people the wrong way or offend the overly sensitive. Either way, it doesn’t change the reality of what is happening to players in the NFL and how millions still tune in to watch the sport that is likely leaving players ruined for life.

If a comedy sketch can make some folks talk about that, it can’t be all bad.

(Via SNL)