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During the offseason, the Redskins cheerleaders scandalized India by bringing their unique brand of rah-rah tit-shaking to the newly formed Indian Cricket League.  Well, the ICL learned quickly, because they now have their own cheerleading squad, headed by Bollywood star (read: hot chick you’ve never heard of) Rakhi Sawant.  The eight-member ICL Zeebras will cheer at every match of the league’s second season.

“Cheerleading is not just tamasha (mindless drama). It is a sport by itself. Until now, it was the exclusive domain of the international cheerleading troupes. But, thanks to ICL, this country will now have an indigenous cheerleaders’ squad,” Sawant said in the statement.

One… giant leap… for India’s sex appeal…

Shariq Patel, ICL’s senior vice president (Marketing & Operations), said: “Cheerleaders have a significant role to play in the modern context of sports… I am confident that this synergistic initiative between cricket and entertainment will formulate a completely new experience for sports fans of the country.

Ummm… yeah.  About that.  India’s cricket board has banned ICL players from playing in any domestic or international matches, and has gotten other cricket-playing nations to do the same.  Translation: no player worth his salt will play in the ICL.  Think of it like Major League Soccer, except with sexy Indian cheerleaders.  Actually, on second thought, that might get me to an MLS game.

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