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Claude Makélélé (heinie ho?) is a defensive midfielder for Chelsea who is married to French supermodel Noémie Lenoir (above, right).  And according to the WAG (futbol wives and girlfriends) blog Kickette, Claude and Noemie have possibly the greatest marriage ever:

Makelele has reportedly cheated on [Lenoir] many times with page 3 model Jamelah Asmar [above, left] – and was even said to be high tailing it between London and Paris to keep them both happy.  Still, Noemie has stayed.  She’s recently been quoted as saying she doesn’t mind if Claude spends lots of money on her: "If he gives Keylan (their son) a bath, that’s better than a diamond ring."

I also heard that Noémie makes dinner wearing lingerie and gives blowjobs that cure heart disease.  What a woman.  Why can't I marry a supermodel who's cool with me nailing topless models as long as I come home to wash the kid?  It's almost like millionaire world-class athletes get to do things regular people could never get away with.

(Bored? You may want to poke around Jamelah's website.) 

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