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Allow me to get you up to speed on NFL AirPlay, a game you can play on Sprint phones:

NFL AirPlay Live is a real time competition you can join while watching the game on TV. Downloaded to your mobile phone, NFL AirPlay Live lets you predict every play before it happens. Run or Pass? Which player will get the ball?… It's the fastest, most interactive way to test your football IQ against your friends or a nation of football fans.

What kind of feckless loser would do this? I'll give you a hint: he doesn't have a spleen, and Bruce Gradkowski is starting in his place. In an interview with the AirPlay staff during halftime of the Giants-Jags Monday night game, Chris Simms discussed his unhappiness with himself at dipping down to fifth place in the AirPlay standings:

I got thrown off my game big time. I turned it to BET to watch a music video for 2 seconds, and I missed 2 plays.

I'm not writing anything else. That's the punchline: BET and interactive cell phone games. I'm going to go find something with a higher degree of difficulty. You can supply your own gay tattoo/douchebag brother jokes. If you need any help, just go to his Wikipedia page. His nickname in high school was "toolbag." 

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