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In between being married and producing four offspring with names that begin with "K," Roger Clemens sank his pork-sword to the hilt into whichever homo sapiens vagina happened to be closest and least likely to run away. 

After the ten-year Mindy McCready affair came to light, we realized the Rocket — pictured here in a rare moment with his wife — had a thing for teenagers.  Yesterday, we learned that Roger allegedly picked up rent for homely real estate brokers.  And today, we can add one of golfer John Daly's ex-wives to the mix.

Several sources told the Daily News Wednesday that Clemens had a relationship with Paulette Dean Daly, a former wife of champion golfer John Daly. The sources said Clemens, a married father of four, arranged trips to Anaheim Stadium for Daly… to watch him pitch for the Yankees against the Angels. Sources also said he spent time with her in Palm Springs, Calif. She declined to elaborate on the nature of her relationship with the pitcher, but did not deny allegations from several sources that it was romantic and included financial support.

Wow, one of John Daly's ex-wives.  You know a lady like that has got standards.  Reach for the stars, Rog, and maybe along the way you'll get more mediocre ass than Barry Manilow. 

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