CM Punk Finally Has His First UFC Opponent And They Could Fight At UFC 199

Okay, we finally know who CM Punk is going to fight. No longer will there be a mystery reality show to pick his opponent, and it won’t be a scrub either — Mickey Gall defeated Mike Jackson in 45 seconds at UFC Fight Night 82 to earn the right to be CM Punk’s first opponent.

The pro kickboxer Jackson was taking his time early, trying to create distance against Gall’s takedowns, but was demolished by a Gall right hand, then was quickly forced to tap from a rear-naked choke. Punk’s got his hand’s full with this kid. After the brief fight, Gall was clear on the mic:

“I want to be fed, I’m hungry! Feed me CM Punk please!”

In response, Punk made his way to the cage in a fancy suit, shook hands, and didn’t talk trash at all. After they exited, Punk revealed what he and Gall said to each other in a brief interview with Ariel Helwani:

“Yeah. Very impressive. That’s how I want to win a fight. No damage, that’s gotta be a great feeling. I’ll get that after I beat Mickey Gall… I asked him, ‘Are you having fun?’ ‘I’m having a blast.’ Good, that’s why we’re here.”

Regarding Gall’s dominant win, Punk doesn’t seem too impressed:

“I’m kind of indifferent. I know what he does. I’m of this school — I don’t care how hard someone hits I’m of the school that I have to avoid being hit.”

But when will they clash in the Octagon!?

“It’s not up to me, but if I have any stroke at all it’s at (UFC) 200.”

Will July finally be the date we see Punk in the Octagon, facing a young, hungry kid that clearly has skills? Possibly, but it might be earlier. In discussing Gall’s victory, UFC President Dana White said that Punk’s long-awaited debut could actually happen at UFC 199. It seems that every fighter wants in on that UFC 200 card, and the new guy might just have to settle with the earlier PPV.