12.12.07 10 years ago 22 Comments

Tracy Phillips, the daughter of Cowboys coach Wade who once graced WL's esteemed Power Rankings, has broken through the frustrating cycle of casting couches to land a supporting role in a movie I secretly have a big ol' Cold War boner for.

Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols was looking for just the right dancer this spring for Charlie Wilson's War, a movie about a former Texas congressman, when he got a tape of a striking brunette with electric blue eyes. He decided that she was perfect to play Carol Shannon, the Fort Worth belly dancer who enthralled Wilson and accompanied him on his exploits around the world…

It may be a breakout role for the actress, dancer and choreographer… Her daring dance balancing a sword and virtual seduction of the Egyptian defense minister is a central scene in the film, which depicts Wilson's clandestine support of the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Wait a sec.  There's a story about a belly dancer seducing people all over the world, and they decided to make the movie about international politics instead?  What the hell?  Doesn't anyone in Hollywood know what a good story is?

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