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Central Michigan University has agreed to a payout of $450,200 after its former women’s soccer coach was accused of getting stinky on his hangdown with two of his players, according to ESPN.

The [players], a senior and a freshman, each had a sexual relationship with Tony DiTucci because of his “skilled manipulation and seduction,” lawyer Jennifer Salvatore said.

“They were young individuals who held the coach in high esteem,” she said in an interview. “He made them believe they were special and he was in love with them. Looking back on it, they wish they had handled it differently.” […]

DeTucci was replaced in midseason by Tom Anagost, whose interim tag was removed after his team finished second in the MAC. As for the Mack Daddy, he said that players totally came onto him first. Banging your coach is great until you realize that you’re sharing a bunk with one of your teammates. Hey, coaches these days don’t have time for rebuilding seasons. You gotta win now.

The Central Michigan roster from last season indicates that the team only had two seniors on the team: Sarah Burns and Erica Rohren. And after looking at those two, it’s pretty obvious that nobody won in this thing.

Kinda like actual soccer.

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