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A former Ohio State football player was charged with attempted murder after two police officers were shot last night.  Derrick Foster, a Buckeyes defensive end from 1989 to 1992, allegedly shot the policemen during a drug raid in Columbus.  Both officers' injuries are described as non-life-threatening.

Foster is a code-enforcement supervisor in the city's Development Department, making $29.76 an hour, according to city records. He oversees the Milo-Grogan neighborhood. […]

As a player he underwent surgery on his knees and shoulder and also suffered from a chronic degenerative condition in his hips.

Considering that the narcotics officers were part of a team to clean up the city's crackhouses, Foster's hips weren't the only things that were degenerative.  Because using crack is a sign of moral bankruptcy, you see.  Basically I'm calling him a bad person.  That's why people like With Leather so much.  Not everyone can handle my edgy viewpoints, like when I come out against doing crack and shooting cops.

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