Refs In The Cowboys-Raiders Game Used A Notecard To Determine A Crucial First Down

According to Business Insider, the average NFL franchise is now worth $2.3 billion, with state of the art training facilities and broadcasting capabilities all so fans can enjoy the best possible football experience. Over the last few years, instant replay has simultaneously become a boon for fans that need to know the exact results of a play, while referees seemingly changing the definition of a catch in real-time has led to many fans scratching their heads.

The NFL’s replay system can move frame by frame in high definition, there are cameras covering every possible angle of a field, and yet, as 2017 comes to a close and GPS technology can locate Drew Brees’ birthmark down to the exact coordinate, but during Sunday Night Football’s game between the Cowboys and the Raiders, a crucial ball spot was determined by a notecard.

Yes, a notecard. Please look. Not everyone was convinced that this was the best idea. Especially considering that there are various methods to determine how to spot a ball. Get some lasers in there, we need more lasers and less weird problem-solving by refs that are consistently showing their incompetence.

And who had a notecard on an NFL sideline anyway? Was someone studying for a test?