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We all remember Tom Porras, yeah?  KD originally reported on the high school track coach's arrest, then we heard about how he lured a student into his house so he could fondle her and ejaculate on her.  Like any enterprising pedophile, he told his victim his semen was massage oil.  And now he continues his march to justice and freedom:

Amy Nguyen, attorney for Tom Porras, said she will ask Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Helene Abrams at a Dec. 6 hearing to throw out admissions Porras made to police…

Nguyen said in a recent court motion that during a 45-minute interrogation, police pressured Porras "to confess" that he had fondled the student, even though he had invoked his right to remain silent three times. She said her client told police he didn't want to make statements after police read him his Miranda rights to remain silent and have an attorney present.  Despite that, Nguyen said in the motion that police continued to pressure him to talk.

So, he tried to invoke his right to remain silent until he got an attorney, then he confessed before his attorney showed up.  Wow, I'm disappointed.  I always figured that a guy who can lure a 17-year-old girl into his home, fondle her under the pretense of athletic massage, and ejaculate on her would be pretty smart.  

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