10.28.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

News broke last week that the LA Galaxy would be shipping David Beckham off to AC Milan — or somewhere in Italy, I wasn’t really paying attention — prompting many critics to do what they like best, which is bitch about the existence of soccer in America.  But for better or for worse (and for the ladies, I’d say “better”), we’ve lost one underwear-modeling washed-up European soccer star only to gain another.

Fredrik Ljungberg, the 31-year-old Swede who you’re more likely to recognize in Calvin Kleins than a soccer jersey, has signed with the Seattle Sounders, the new MLS team that will begin its first season whenever it is that the MLS season begins.  All you ladies and closeted homosexuals — that’s most of the readership, I believe — will likely enjoy perusing Freddie’s gallery of shredded ab-ness.  I looked at all the pictures carefully, but it was only to… uh… make sure he wasn’t better looking than me!  Yeah, that’s why.


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