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Lexus came out with a concept car that inspires a lot of sci-fi comparisons, but the greatest thing might be that if you’re wearing nice pants and you’re driving through town, people can see that you’re not only driving the prototype Lexus LF-A, but that you’re also wearing nice pants. Of course, keeping dead hookers in the trunk is now out. Give and take, man. Give. And take. From GT Channel:

Developed in collaboration with Japanese architect Huzimoto Takeshi, Lexus has referred to this project as an exploration of “L-Finesse” design language, and has tastefully named the art piece Crystallized Wind.

Yeah, so apparently it’s just acrylic art and not drivable, so imagining a drive through the villas in this thing would be on par with getting a hand job from the Venus de Milo. But probably not as chafing.

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