Doc Rivers Blames It On The Refs

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06.10.10 8 Comments

As the Boston Celtics closed out their Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, Paul Pierce boldly predicted that the NBA Finals would not return to LA, as he of sparse facial hair implied that Boston would win the next three games at home. Unfortunately, as the Lakers won Game 3, Pierce’s prediction can still come true with LA needing only two more victories, including tonight’s Game 4, to secure a second consecutive NBA championship. And if yesterday’s comments by Doc Rivers and zaftig Alfonso Ribeiro Glen Davis about poor officiating are any indicator, then Phil Jackson needs to start growing an 11th finger.

Rivers complained of inconsistent officiating yesterday, adding that Lakers guard Derek Fisher’s excellent defense on Ray Allen is actually just a lot of flopping. Jackson, on the other hand, said that he just thought Fisher couldn’t ever get set on defense. See? It’s all a matter of perspective. Like, Derek Fisher seemed like he made a layup with three Boston bodies flying at him, but what really happened was that three Celtics bodies allowed a basket while causing a foul. Eye of the beholder, friends.

Throw your hands in the air like you do indeed care, Celtics Blog:

Celtics coach Doc Rivers certainly thought the officials were favoring the Lakers last night, calling out the referees for their treatment of Pierce.

“He’d play five minutes, have to go back down, four minutes, have to sit,” said Rivers. “I mean, he wasn’t allowed to play. They didn’t allow him to play tonight.”

Jackson was asked today if he had approached the league about the officiating in this series.

“No, I haven’t,” said Jackson. “To say that in respect, the league also elicits us to itemize things that we wish to be discussed or to be reviewed, be it like that play that happened with Rondo last night where he pulled Lamar’s hand off the ball…”

Zzzzzzzzz… huh? Wha? Sorry, I was taking a nap and didn’t realize the babies woke up. To Davis’ defense, he seems to actually admonish the referees for the difficulty in making split second decisions, admitting that he wouldn’t ever want their job. However, Davis told reporters he was up until 4 a.m. watching game footage and the officiating was so frustrating that he could barely remember to chew between swallowing.

Ray Allen, who failed to make any field goals during all of Game 3, stayed up late to watch game footage as well, adding: “Refs? Oh yeah, all refs. Totally the refs’ fault. Boo those refs!”

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