An Anthology Of Donald Trump’s Very Bad Sports Takes

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10.12.16 4 Comments

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Before becoming the most prominent person in the world who calls himself a Republican, Donald Trump was a rich (but maybe not that rich!) dude with a spray tan, a Twitter account, and cable television. He loved sports. He really, really loved sports. And gosh almighty, did homie have some scorching hot sports takes.

To learn more about his takes, I recommend heading to Twitter and searching “[ATHLETE/COACH/TEAM] from:realdonaldtrump” and seeing what he thought about, well, anything. For proof, I decided to search through a number of topics and see what Trump tweeted about them using his tiny hands.


There may not be a single person who Trump hates more than the New York Yankees’ former star, who retired earlier this year. Here’s the first tweet Trump sent about Rodriguez:

The takes just kept coming. Hot dang, did Trump have some takes.

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