Donald Trump Apparently Told The Boston Red Sox That Abraham Lincoln Lost The Civil War

05.10.19 3 months ago

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Donald Trump hosted the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox at the White House on Thursday. Well, some of the team. Many of the people of color instrumental in Boston’s triumph did not attend, including American League MVP Mookie Betts and David Price. Price was among those critical of his own teammates, many of them not people of color, who decided to attend despite the public refusals from other members of the organization.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora, for example, skipped the ceremony and publicly said he couldn’t attend given the way hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico have been handled by the Trump administration. As USA Today notes, Trump incorrectly said during the ceremony that he gave $91 billion in aid to the US territory, a number that PolitiFact says is more like $11 billion.

But putting aside the apparent racial divide among the Red Sox and the team’s insistence that a visit to the White House is “apolitical,” there was another considerable inaccuracy that came to light on Thursday.

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