03.05.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

In the midst of the Favre post-retirement fellatio treatment from the media, a lone, cranky voice of reason stands above the fray and proclaims that you, Brett Favre, better get off my damn lawn. Or Dr. Z made the point that we've been making all along: that Favre was the recipient of constant fellatio treatment from the media, who always made excuses for the catastrophic lapses that came with the life of a gunslinger. 

His fourth quarter and overtime meltdown against the Giants last season, which put a sad end to a remarkably classy season? Never mind … the redemption of the Giants' field-goal kicker was the angle. The goofy, looping interception that cost the Pack the Eagles' game in OT in the divisionals in 2004? Oh, let's put it on the defense for allowing McNabb his fourth-and-26 completion in regulation.

How can you blame the media, Dr. Z? You are the media. So you're sticking it to yourself? Just go back inside so I can leave this bag of shit on your porch and light it on fire. — Monday Morning Punter


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