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UPDATE: It’s just a GD viral marketing campaign. Well, good on them. Maybe for 2010-2011 they can drown Gary Bettman in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’ve ever followed Drew Rosenhaus on Twitter, you realize that the “information” disseminated from his account is part PR, part Franchise Mode in Madden, and nearly all rubbish. But then Rosenhaus dropped some curious news today that should dissolve any proposal to ban the renown sports agent from social media completely:

I have been hired by the fans of the NHL’s Florida Panthers to negotiate lower season ticket prices. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

The Panthers seating map indicates that the cheapest season ticket is $9 for the upper end zone. Tickets by the glass run for $207; the cheapest seat in the lower bowl is $50. Andrew’s Stars Page reports that Florida’s average ticket price last year was the league’s 11th most expensive at $52.61, pricier than Chicago ($52.22), LA ($47.20), Detroit ($46.60), and even Pittsburgh ($51.45).

I don’t see what leverage Rosenhaus can muster here. Is he going to hold 10,000-plus season ticket holders out of training camp? Will he jog through the arena on opening night 30 minutes until puck drop with a megaphone, screaming, “Pack it up, people! We’re going on strike!” I can’t see this going anywhere; as long as fans of mediocre teams are dumb enough to keep buying season tickets, ticket prices won’t be going anywhere, either.

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