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But he did it with a baseball bat, so it’s totally a sports story now. What I love about this video is that dude just gets himself warmed up and then just stops. He has great power for a lefty; I’d say that he’s been juicing, but he’s not showing any other symptoms of steroid use.

Westley Strellis has been hit himself – with 29 counts of criminal damage to property in nthe second degree.

Witnesses tell police he grabbed a metal baseball bat from the sporting goods section yesterday, walked a couple of aisles over to the electronics area – and started whaling on the displays.

Police say the TV sets are valued at over $22,000. –NBC2 Ft. Myers.

Georgia is sort of no-man’s-land in terms of Walmart. People on the east coast generally loathe Walmart, and people in the midwest generally like them. But stop in think, this guy would have had to visit two different stores to do this anyplace else. It’s time we starting appreciating these retail superpowers a bit more, or at least until somebody starts shooting up the discount clothing section with a Remington shotgun after being turned down for cough medicine at the pharmacy. Thanks, Ape. Vid via AP.

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